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          1. 末日協議是2022在美國,塞爾維亞上映/播出的一部科幻片電影,由Emma,Fischer,阿拉斯塔爾·麥肯澤,素瑪立·蒙塔諾主演;Orsi,Nagypál執導。本站電影頻道于2022年09月24日收錄高清完整版,并提供免費在線觀看服務。

            末日協議劇情:An unprecedented pandemic has ravaged the planet, leaving resources insufficient to maintain the human population. To combat the crisis, a totalitarian governing body known as The Bureau established "The Deal.” Accept The Deal, and you'll receive a job, housing, and medical care that will keep you safe and healthy for twenty more years, at which point you must take your own lif...

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